Live Cricket Score, India vs England 2nd Test: Play resumes after rain delay

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Live Cricket Score, India vs England 2nd Test: Play resumes after rain delay

Sun,Aug 12,2018 | Updated 06:34 PM IST


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  • Live Cricket Score, India vs England 2nd Test: Play resumes after rain delay


India trail by 271 runs

THE TIMES OF INDIA | Aug 12, 2018, 18:29:43 IST

Live: Pataudi Trophy, 2018

Live Cricket Score, India vs England 2nd Test: Play resumes after rain delay

Stay updated with Times of India for Live Cricket Score, Ball by ball commentary & Scorecard of 2nd test match match between India and England


C Pujara 5 (27)

A Rahane 1 (8)




C Woakes 0/1



88.1 Overs
  • Commentary
  • Scorecard
18:32 (IST), August 12
9.5 overs
0India- 18/2

C Woakes to Rahane, No run.

18:31 (IST), August 12
9.4 overs
0India- 18/2

C Woakes to Rahane, Well played! Fuller length ball around off, swings away late. Rahane shuffles a touch and blocks it solidly down the track.

18:31 (IST), August 12
9.3 overs
1lbIndia- 18/2

C Woakes to Pujara, Leg bye! On a good length and cutting in sharply, Cheteshwar tries to flick it away but the ball brushes his thigh pad and rolls towards square leg. The batsmen pinch a single.

18:30 (IST), August 12
9.2 overs
0India- 17/2

C Woakes to Pujara, Woakes bowls this one full around off, CP comes ahead and taps it towards the mid off fielder.

18:29 (IST), August 12
9.1 overs
0India- 17/2

C Woakes to Pujara, On a length outside off, Pujara points his bat skywards to allow it through.

18:28 (IST), August 12

We are back. It is still overcast at the moment but hopefully, the rain will stay away. Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane to resume their innings. Chris Woakes to continue his spell. However, the drizzle has again started. The last thing that we want. Four slips in place waiting for the outside edge. Here we go...

18:10 (IST), August 12

1330 local update - Wow. That was quick. The umpires have asked for the groundstaff to get into action seeing that the rain has stopped. We are being told that play should resume by 1400 local (1300 GMT)...

17:51 (IST), August 12

1315 local update - Good news for Indian fans. The drizzle has turned slightly heavier and it would not harm you too much if you decide to go over to the Lankan match and see how they are progressing in the 5th ODI against South Africa...

17:47 (IST), August 12

UPDATE | It is still raining at Lord's and covers are on the pitch

17:10 (IST), August 12

At lunch on Day 4: India 17/2 in 9 overs, trail by 272 runs. Pujara 5* and Rahane 1*; Anderson 2-8

17:09 (IST), August 12

The only thing in favour of India is that the forecast is not that good for the remainder of the day. However, their batsmen need to be prepared for the worst. Perhaps, two solid knocks from Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane, might do their confidence a lot of good. England, on the other hand, are ahead by 272 runs. Chris Woakes is also in good rhythm, bowling some really good deliveries. A tough period awaits India if the rain relents. Stay tuned as we bring you updates...

17:04 (IST), August 12

The woes continue for India at the top in seaming conditions. After being insipid with the ball and conceding a big lead of 289 runs, their openers, Murali Vijay and Lokesh Rahul, once again failed to counter a belligerent James Anderson and fell cheaply to him. It just shows that they have to tighten their technique in order to succeed overseas.

17:03 (IST), August 12

Update 1230 local - Unfortunately, the drizzle has got heavier and the big cover is being roped in to protect the pitch. It always seemed to be on the cards and the umpires have decided that they can't risk it any further. More covers come in to be put on the square. They have also called for an early Lunch which is a wise decision.

16:59 (IST), August 12
8.6 overs
0India- 17/2

J Anderson to Rahane, On a length, Ajinkya hangs back and stonewalls it.

16:58 (IST), August 12
8.5 overs
0India- 17/2

J Anderson to Rahane, Pitched up ball around off, Rahane leans ahead and blocks it confidently.

16:58 (IST), August 12
8.4 overs
0India- 17/2

J Anderson to Rahane, Back of a length ball outside off, punched nicely off the back foot towards cover-point.

16:58 (IST), August 12
8.3 overs
0India- 17/2

J Anderson to Rahane, Nicely controlled actually! On a length, some nibble in the air. Rahane opens his bat-face and plays it off the outer half with soft hands in front of third slip.

16:57 (IST), August 12
8.2 overs
1lbIndia- 17/2

J Anderson to Pujara, A huge appeal for an LBW falls on deaf ears! Fullish delivery just outside off, cutting in appreciably. Pujara tries to keep it out but is hit on the pads as the ball rolls to the leg side. The batsmen set off as Anderson rises up confidently along with the slip cordon but Aleem Dar shakes his head. Root has a chat with Jimmy but decides against the review. The replay shows that it would have missed leg.

16:56 (IST), August 12
8.1 overs
0India- 16/2

J Anderson to Pujara, Pitched up ball around off, Pujara has it covered and blocks it right under his eyes.

16:54 (IST), August 12
7.6 overs
1India- 16/2

C Woakes to Pujara, Good length ball angling in from around off, Pujara plays it off the inner half towards square leg for an easy single. Decent start from Woakes.


Playing xi

  • IND
  • ENG
  • Murali Vijay
  • Lokesh Rahul
  • Cheteshwar Pujara
  • Virat Kohli (C)
  • Ajinkya Rahane
  • Hardik Pandya
  • Dinesh Karthik (W)
  • Ravichandran Ashwin
  • Kuldeep Yadav
  • Mohammed Shami
  • Ishant Sharma


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S3Source: Google News India | Netizen 24 India

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