Netizen 24 IND: In talks with US about H1B, H4 visas, says Sushma Swaraj

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In talks with US about H1B, H4 visas, says Sushma Swaraj

    We are talking to US White House, Administration and Congress to push the US to not revoke H1B and H4 visas.

    The Indian passport is now a 'suraksha kavach' (armour). We have brought home dozens of Indians facing serious criminal charges, even death penalties, due to PM Modi's good relations with those countries.

    India has rescued 90,000 Indians in distress worldwide. Gen VK Singh personally stood in the heat and supervised evacuations.

    On Pakistan: India's stand is that talks and terror cannot go together. The NSA talks are separate from comprehensive dialogue, as they deal with talks on terror, not talks and terror.

    On North Korea: When I went to Baku to discuss NAM, I was asked to look at the Korean issue, and Gen VK Singh then visited Pyongyang. India is not mediating, nor have we been asked to mediate.

    On Iran: We don't recognise US sanctions, only recognise UN sanctions.

    On informal summits: Modi-Xi meeting a Wuhan was an unprecedented dialogue mechanism that has never been tried anywhere in the world

    On Twitter visa policy and contacting Ambassadors directly on Twitter: I don't sleep nor do I let my Ambassadors sleep. People who make fun of me are insensitive; wait till one of their loved ones gets stuck, we will see what they do.

    On Rohingyas: Myanmar has presented a list of 1222 refugees that they are willing to take back, according to agreement will take all within 2 years. So am hopeful this will happen.

    PM Modi told British PM Theresa May that UK courts have no business to ask about the condition of Indian jails, as these are the same prisons they had held Gandhi and Nehru in.

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