Netizen 24 IND: Schools radicalising J&K youth: Bipin Rawat

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Schools radicalising J&K youth: Bipin Rawat

Schools radicalising J&K youth: Bipin RawatBy Shaurya Karanbir Gurung, ET Bureau|Jan 13, 2018, 08.16 AM IST

Bipin Rawat
Army chief says social media, madrasas & govt schools spreading disinformation, need to take a relook at education in state
NEW DELHI: Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat here on Friday said the social media and government schools in Jammu and Kashmir are spreading a major disinformation campaign which is radicalising the youth.
He also said that the madrasas and Masjids are also playing a role in this and some control has to be exercised, including taking a relook at the education system in the state.
While speaking to reporters ahead of the Army Day, the army chief said, "The damage which is being done to us is through the social media. Huge disinformation campaign being spread in J&K through the social media and schools is radicalising youth."
He further questioned the schools by saying, "If you go to any Kashmir school you will find two maps â€" one of India and the other of J&K. Why should there be a separate map of J&K! Then there should be a map of every state.
This leads children into believing that I am part of this country, but I also have a separate identity. The basic grassroot problem lies here â€" the way the education system in government schools in J&K has been corrupted. Because the teachers coming to these schools have also so been brought up in same education.
The system of education there needs to be given a relook." General Rawat als o said most of the stone pelters or terrorists are coming out of schools, where there is disinformation being spread. "The other issue is the madrasas and masjids. What is being informed to them and incorrectly informed to them is through madrassas and masjids. So I think some control has to be exercised there," he said.
He also said opening more of "our schools" and those of the CBSE can be looked into.
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